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Natural Body Care products are free from chemicals and artificial colors. They indulge & excite your senses with a natural composition. At NBC, we give utmost importance to natural ingredients and scents. For example, the ‘Sparkling Glow Fairness Beauty Cream’ consists of exciting combinations. The day care moisture range stimulates you and gives you energy. All our products are packed in our famous packaging and 95% of the natural ingredients are extracted from natural sources. NBC refrains from using harmful chemicals, which makes our products ideal for skincare!
Natural Body Care is the solution for rough and dry skin. If you use Natural Body Care as your daily skincare ritual, your skin will feel protected. Our organic products give you that natural feeling, the feeling which is the most usual characteristic of all our products: Of course, Products of Natural Body Care have a positive effect on your body as well as your soul in a natural way. We treat your skinNaturally.


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Located In Beautiful Karachi City

Korangi Industrial Area, 96-Block-E PNT, Karachi, Pakistan.

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